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Member Name: Victoria Garcia Drago
Specialty: Yoga, Zumba
Location: Boston
Short Bio
For more than ten years, Victoria Garcia Drago has practiced and taught yoga, inspiring herself and her students to cultivate a deeper mind and body connection. Victoria instructs her students in Slow Flow Yoga, a slower form of Vinyasa Yoga, which allows students to deeply experience traditional yoga poses by incorporating innovative and original sequences into the practice. Slow Flow yoga focuses on opening up physical as well as mental blockages while integrating yoga discipline with contemplative breath and practice. Students explore their mind and body while cultivating the connection between the two. Victoria instructs for all levels, allowing even the most timid and inflexible beginner to mindfully practice and discover their body's outer limits.

Victoria came to yoga while seeking a deeper connection between her body and mind. This quest grew out of her adolescent struggle with body image. She used yoga, alternative medicine, and healthy living habits to overcome her distorted body image. Eventually, Victoria realized her physical self was not her whole identity, but the carrier for her soul and her true self. This revelation allowed Victoria not only to treat her body with respect, but to teach others to do the same.

Victoria continues to cultivate the connection between body, mind and spirit. This connection enabled Victoria to discover that through music and movement, her spirit would lift to the point of experiencing endless joy and freedom. This insight led Victoria to embrace Zumba as a balance to her meditative side. Victoria received her certification to teach Zumba, and uses simple yet fun and uplifting choreographies to encourage her students to feel alive and connected to their bodies while still nurturing the mind-body connection.

Certified through the Yoga Studio of Barbara Benagh, Victoria is an advanced student of Ms. Benagh and still attends classes with her on a weekly basis. Other teachers that have inspired Victoria include Shiva Rea and Tias Little.
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