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Member Name: Meg Hughes- Garvey
Specialty: Pilates, Yoga
Location: Boston
Short Bio
Meg’s passion for health & fitness began very young. Growing up in a very active atmosphere in which her mother taught fitness classes and her father was an organic & specialty food broker, it made sense that she fell in love with wellness and teaching other people how to move their way to a healthier lifestyle. She recently graduated from Northeastern University with her Masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and launched her online fitness magazine in order to spread the message of positive body image and empowering the beauty within to achieve a happier, healthier modern life. This philosophy also transcends in her classes as a Physical Mind Institute trained Pilates instructor, group exercise & spin coach, and Vinyasa and Power yoga instructor, the mind body connection is always present. She pokes fun that she is a “fitness mutt” due to the wide variety of classes that she teaches; yet that is what keeps her motivated and interested. “If you are not enjoying what you are doing then you are not going to keep up your fitness routine. Keep it fresh, keep it interesting and you welcome health into your life.”
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