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For years women have sacrificed comfort for beauty. Working out is painful to some already so why should clothing for such activities have to be so uncomfortable or drab? Bottom line, all of the activewear in the market forces a woman to choose among fit, performance or fashion. Via Privé Activewear was founded to solve this problem. We have developed a balanced line of activewear that not only fits and performs well but also looks and feels great.
Our Symbol

Balance is at the very core of Via Privé Activewear. Our symbol -- a modified Bengali Om -- depicts an open, resting heart, which represents love and happiness, while its sideways resting position symbolizes peace and serenity, bringing to life the perfect balance. We know that women who make fitness a part of their everyday lives are happier, more relaxed, and maintain greater equilibrium.
Via Privé Mamma

Via Privé embraces a healthy balance between pregnancy and fitness. Our full line of maternity activewear, Via Privé Mamma, is designed to grow with you and your baby. Created with the same principles as our Via Privé line, the maternity collection combines flattering designs with the softest, most comfortable materials. Let us help you feel great while preparing your body and mind for labor, delivery and recovery.
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